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We have a network of expert brokers who work together in locating, negotiating, and buying/selling a liquor license to you. Brokers Network USA (BNUSA) specializes in brokering liquor licenses throughout every county in the state of Michigan. We routinely handle all types of on-premise and off-premise liquor licenses which include (but are not limited to) Class C, Resort, SDD, and SDMs. Managing all the moving parts of the process can be slightly overwhelming and somewhat difficult to control, but we believe that our years of experience and knowledge of the industry make BNUSA your trusted resource when you need to quickly and efficiently buy or sell a license.

We're a family-owned niche business, meaning that our customer service is personal and of the highest-quality. We'll treat you like one of our own.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Save You Time
    We want you to focus on setting up your business instead of spending time researching liquor license transfers. We have access to a large network of buyers and sellers within the State of Michigan.

BNUSA Helps Michigan Companies With:

  • Liquor License Broker
  • Liquor License Purchase
  • Liquor License Sale
  • Liquor License Valuation

What Sort Of Liquor License Should You Purchase in Southeast Michigan ?

To transfer a license in Michigan, the process involves expertise in handling every step of the involved process. It is highly recommended that an applicant use an experienced liquor license attorney in conjunction with a liquor license broker to ensure the paperwork requirements are handled efficiently and correctly. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions could cost significant delays.

License Authorized to Sell Description On or Off-premise
Class C Beer, wine and liquor Consumption on the licensed premises
Subject to quota
Class C Resort, B-Hotel Resort,
A-Hotel Resort and Tavern-Resort
Same type of beverage as the regular license May or may not be able to transfer
SDD Liquor Consumption off the licensed premises
Subject to quota
Must make an initial purchase of $5,000 in inventory divided among at least 50 brands
SDM Beer and wine Consumption off the licensed premises
Not subject to quota

Available Liquor Licenses To Purchase:

These are just a few of the available Michigan liquor licenses for sale. Please call us directly to locate one specific to your county and business.

For a current list of available liquor licenses in Southeast Michigan to purchase, Brokers Network USA can help today! Our team does the hard work so you don't have to, ensuring that purchasing your new liquor license is quick, affordable, and the right type for your business. Contact our team today and see why we're the preferred broker throughout the state of Michigan!